' The League ' is positioned as India's first exclusive club for the complete entrepreneur. The person with the 'Spirit of enterprise' whether promoting a company or employed with a company in the top management or providing valuable and essential professional services, is a very special kind of a person. He/She has eventual success at the cost of numerous risks, pressures, stress and strains both physical and mentally. We aim to tone body, mind and soul through our ambience and facilities of international class. We aim to rejuvenate the individual, help him/her to unwind in a peaceful and conducive atmosphere where almost every need is met. Not only for the individual but for the entire family as a whole. A home away from home.  
Today's new generation works hard and plays even harder. The League Club understands Sprawled over 36 grounds, it has a wide variety of options to help you and your family unwind or recharge just the way you prefer.